Moldova Tuberculosis Portal

Tuberculosis is a major problem for Moldova Public Health

Tuberculosis (TB) is a major public health threat in Moldova. The recent escalation of the occurrence of the disease has been complicated due to the appearance and development of multi drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB) or extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR TB). The ability for the Moldovan and worldwide community of TB researchers to understand the nature of the TB disease will be greatly improved by using a common database containing patients’ medical images, treatment information, lab work, and clinical data. This common database can facilitate adherence to the treatment protocol as well as serve as a consistent repository of records of the treatment regime for particular histories of disease.

The Phthisiopneumology Institute “Chiril Draganiuc” (PPI) apply on CRDM for the research project and in March 2015 the project starts to be implement in the Moldova site. Successful implementation of the proposal is secured by the fact that it will be executed by a leading Moldova research institutions working in the tuberculosis and ICT domains in close collaboration with NIAID OCICB. The PPI is a strategically medical unit for the Republic of Moldova and coordinate the achievement of the National TB Control Programme. The Institute grants yearly specialized medical assistance to about 30000 patients with tuberculosis and nonspecifically affections of the breathing apparatus.

The goal of the project is to develop the Moldova TB Portal to facilitate research aimed at diagnosis and treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis. The clinical images of lungs (CT and X-ray) will be used for development of computational methods of TB diagnosis. Clinical data will be collected and stored in Portal’s database for computer-aided analysis of factors contributing to the development of the disease. Connection of Portal’s metadata with the original clinical samples collection (clinical lab samples taken from TB patients) would allow researchers to establish various cohorts for subsequent partial or full-genome sequencing of Moldovan TB strains. Analysis of genomes of Moldovan TB strains would allow for improved analysis of epidemiological situation in Moldova, and forming informed opinion about required drug regiments and efficiency of diagnosis with common microbiological tools.

To leverage the design and deployment of Moldova TB Portal, we plan on using the common core developed for the Belarus TB Portal. The Moldova TB Portal will store anonymized medical images, lab work, treatment information and clinical data from the Moldovan TB patients and use user interface developed for Moldova Portal. The Moldova TB Portal will utilize the software and populate it with the anonymized data from the participating Moldovan TB patients including medical images, lab work, treatment information and clinical data. Information submitted into the Portal will be appropriately de-identified and authorized for upload by the Moldova researchers ensuring compliance with the appropriate Moldova laws and regulations.

One of the projects emphases is on the full genome sequencing of bacterial DNA collected from patients in Moldova.

Criteria for inclusion clinical cases in the database of the portal:

Male and female New or Relapse TB patients of any ethnicity and race, both HIV negative and positive, are eligible for the study if they:

  • have signed informed consent to specimen collection,
  • are 18 years of age or older; and
  • are known to be sputum smear-positive, based on prior examination of sputum; and




Anonymized patient case files containing diagnostics, treatment, laboratory and imaging data.